Why become a member?

If you have always been fascinated by the heavens or space exploration program but haven't known how to start your own astronomical journey--this is the club for you. We have shown many beginners their ‘first’ constellation, their ‘first’ crater of moon, where the planets are and how to use a telescope. We can help you decide what you need and (more importantly don’t need) to enjoy and discover the outer space. This club can be your ‘learning wheels’ so you can finally begin exploring the universe at your own speed and in your own directions.

Types of Membership

HARS offers a diverse range of volunteering opportunities in causes like education, environment, animal welfare, disaster management etc. Following are among them;

Individual Membership

Anyone who is above 5 year old can take individual membership. This membership is open to anyone who has a desire to learn about astronomy and earth science.

Open Club Promoter - OCP Membership

OCP membership is open to any individual who has a keen interest in Astronomy and environmental education.

This is an entry-level position that requires high energy, a love for working with people, and exceptional organization. Club promoters typically work on a freelance basis, meaning they don’t work in a traditional office setting.

OCP duties and responsibility

  • Organize Event LogisticsA club promoter’s primary responsibility is to create events and organize all event logistics with the club or venue where the event will be held. This organization process involves preliminary planning for the budget, performance artists, and security.
  • Create and Distribute Event Marketing MaterialsEvents need a lot of exposure and marketing, and club promoters are often responsible for creating all the event marketing materials. They are also responsible for distributing these marketing materials to potential customers and attendees.
  • Book Event SecurityMany events require security, and while most clubs have bouncers, bigger events require more security. Club promoters evaluate how much security an event needs and make the appropriate contracts to hire a security firm to keep event attendees safe.

Benefits of membership

Following benefits are available for members

  • NewsletterMembers receive the club newsletter, HAC BULLETIN each month. It contains astronomy news, information about the meetings, and articles by club members and other authors.
  • Astronomical LeagueEach regular member is automatically a member of the astronomical League. Each member also receives THE HARRY ASTRONOMER, the quarterly journal of the League, containing news about Astronomy, conventions, and recent book reviews. Membership in the League also allows you to buy astronomy books at a discount through the HAC book club, and to attend both regional and national conventions held yearly. The club also sponsors the Award programs to recognize the achievements of those dedicated people who view the most deep-sky objects.
  • Club Star PartiesStar Parties (outdoor observing sessions) are held monthly. These events allow members and guests to see faint deep-sky objects and to find out how different telescopes perform away from city lights. Members can also use the club telescopes to view the night sky. The club also holds a yearly picnic and star party, drawing amateurs from clubs around the area to share good food, astronomy talk and good viewing.
  • Voluntary CommitteesWe also have three voluntary committees which anyone interested can join: Media, Events, and Observation.
    Media Committee runs our social media, emails, takes photos, makes videos, posters, and more. Events Committeeplans and hosts events for club members and shares the wonders of astronomy with others via Dark Sky Trips, observing events, study groups, and more.
    Observation Committee allows club members to engage in their own astronomy observations, and committee members are able to use our club telescopes and other equipment for their research!
  • Sport EventClub members can participate in various sports competition such as Harry Premier League, Harry Cup etc. Besides cricket club also engage his members in other indoor and outdoor games i.e. soccer, chess, kabaddi, badminton, cycling.
  • Other ActivitiesTime to time special creative activities introduced in calender year for club members such as Bridge Competition, science model exhibition etc.

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