Captain Dorado
A Hero in you

Far in the southern skies is a constellation called Dorado, home of Captain Dorado, watching over the mankind, seeing the sufferings of people, Captain Dorado is here to eliminate hunger & malnutrition.

A hero hidden inside you, a hero who will unite our community, help the mankind and bring glory to the society

What will Captain Dorado Do?

Captain Dorado is here to fight malnutrition, hunger, take a stand for women empowerment & making the weaker sections self sufficient by training & educating them.

Captain Dorado is knocking every door, and building a super army, an army that would take up a cause and will stand against hunger, an army whose weapon is food & nutrition, an army that will leave no stone unturned to feed the hungry, the war is on, it's now on you to save the fellow citizens by contributing your bit, and joining the Dorado Clusters.

How Captain Dorado works?

Captain Dorado is creating an army of individuals, who will take up for the cause and take a stand to fight against the highlighted problems wherein every individual will come forward to help in a way they can by cooking a meal for an extra person, by giving education to the needy a poor that would enable them to be self-sufficient.

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